IRA Tax Service is a leading provider of tax document preparation services to individuals and corporations who wish to include debt-leveraged investments in an IRA. We specialize in tax document preparation for those with self-directed retirement plans including IRAs (both Traditional and Roth), SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 401(k)s, and other qualified plans.

Catherine Wynne – Co-President

Catherine consults with clients on larger, more complex IRA deal structures and is focused on education in the area of self-directed IRAs. Her teaching credentials include the University of Denver Law School’s Graduate Tax Program, Lawline.com, Lorman Education, and numerous continuing professional education certified courses for real estate brokers, attorneys, and CPAs. IRA Tax Service clients benefit from her extensive personal experience as a real estate investor and syndicator, and she is recognized nationally as an expert in the IRS rules for IRA investment. She is an author of industry articles and courses on the subject of non-Traditional IRA investment and has an instructional book currently in the works. Working primarily in operations and education, Catherine is an expert on the IRA purchase of a wide variety of assets such as mortgages, notes, real estate, private placements and LLCs, and spent the first part of her career in oil and gas production, later moving into nuclear power plant design with Westinghouse. Catherine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Bill Humphrey – Co-President

Bill is recognized in the industry as an expert in self-directed IRAs, HSAs, and other tax-advantaged accounts, as well as the IRS codes pertaining to these investments. Bill has taught courses on retirement plan investment rules to investors, CPAs, and investment professionals through a variety of venues including the University of Denver School of Law. An experienced Certified Public Accountant, Bill has focused on income tax, auditing, tax-related real estate issues and forensic accounting for more than 20 years, which he draws upon in his daily work with clients. Bill’s tax experience has been instrumental in understanding and teaching about IRAs and debt leverage. He is well versed in IRA law and current with all legislation governing tax advantaged plans. Bill has served as a consultant to HSA platform providers, and is a leader in promoting the idea of investing HSA assets long term for medical costs in retirement. He has been involved in real estate investing and has assisted in developing the framework for debt-leveraged IRA real estate investments. Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with a concentration in accounting and computer science. He rounded out his technical background with graduate study in Finance, Accounting, and Economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.